Take a Journey

UNEP’s Wild for Life is ready to take you on a journey…

through 6 distinct ecosystems-

Oceans, Peatlands, Savannahs, Forests, Deserts, and Mountains.

To show how they produce vital goods and services for humanity. 

How they are under threat.

And how you can help.

MORE on what you can do to help protect nature.


Choose your destination!


Desert Journey

Experience firsthand the diverse wildlife and people supported by the often-overlooked ecosystems as you trek from blazing sand dunes to frigid mountaintops.  

Mountains Journey

Unearth the allure of mountain landscapes as you drift between trophic levels and explore how producers, herbivores, and consumers work in harmony in some of the world’s most biodiverse ranges. 

Forest Journey

Surround yourself with the entrancing charm of tree-rich landscapes as you visit three of the planet’s forests and discover how they support life.

Peatlands Journey

Discover one of the world’s most mysterious ecosystems through an interactive map that takes you through peatlands around the planet—and maybe even in your backyard. 

Savannah Journey

Discover the subtle enchantment of the savannah's open landscape and meet the species who call it home.

Seafarer Journey

Explore underwater magic as three different personas, showing how biodiversity functions to deliver vital goods and services to humanity.

Reef Rider Journey

Experience a coral reef through the eyes of a sea turtle to understand its unique role in maintaining nature’s balance.

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